TGC New York, USA 2018

Review by Nick Graziade:

Simply put, the 2018 Touch Guitar Circle (TGC) in NY was invigorating. It was my first TGC experience – I had planned on attending the 2016 NY event, but illness and abysmal weather kept me homebound. Now that I’ve had a chance to participate, I am already eager for my next opportunity to join in.

I play an 8-String Warr Guitar, but most other folks played Touch Guitars and Chapman Sticks. I really enjoyed this aspect of the group; regardless of touch-style instrument, we were united in our desire to expand our understanding of our unique instruments. Markus’s facility as both a mentor and participant drove us all forward to new heights. We focused heavily on refining different Family techniques with four to five sessions daily. Each of these sessions (typically an hour or two) were themselves hyper-focused on the fine-grained details. However, this was the greatest reward of the sessions – we worked on doing “more with less” by developing our technical facilities with amazing precision. I can’t stress it enough – Markus’s TGC method is second-to-none.

It would be insane to say that the TGC was just lessons and practice – it is also the people who share a desire to learn more and more about this craft! I have made amazing new friends who will forever be my “comrades in arms: in the Family technique.”

Sadly, I was only able to attend for three of the five days (I started a new job shortly thereafter). However, in those three days, I experienced more than I could have imagined. Would I recommend this experience? Absolutely! The pedagogy and camaraderie will enlighten you beyond your own expectations.

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