We finally can announce the first Touch Guitar Circle for 2019. It will be in Berlin in April. We are working on one or two more early in the year as well. More to come. Below is the info for the Berlin TGC.

April 12-19 2019
Music and the tapping technique #10 (TGC Berlin)

For all guitar / bass / tapping instruments and players of all levels.

For this course we will be presenting a variety of work in tapping mechanics, ear training, fret board knowledge, and improvisation. This includes the practice of the most recent developments of “The Family”, which is a refined method specific to the touch style technique.

The workshop will take place at Seminarhaus ÖkoLeA.

There is limited number of spaces.

Meals & Accommodation for 7 days:
308 € four/six bed room
346 € double bed room
388 € single bed room

+ Seminar fee of 350€

Selective booking is also possible if you cannot attend the full seminar. Please bring your own bedding and towels. Please contact us if you want to play an instrument dedicated to the tapping technique like the Touch Guitars®.

April 12: arrival day and evening workshop
April 13-18: seminar days
April 19: morning workshop and departure day

For contact and registration info send an email to:

We need a reliable registration before January 15th in order to book the seminar house. Half of the meals and accommodation fee is due by mid January. We advise to take precautions by taking travel insurance. If we don’t have enough registrations by Jan 15 we will have to cancel not the event, but the location so everyone would then be in charge of his own food and accommodation which would make it more expensive and less comfortable.