Trey Gunn and Markus Reuter
Music and the Tapping Technique #4

For all tapping instruments and all levels


Seattle, WA, USA

September 30 - October 5, 2014


For this course we will be presenting a variety of work in tapping mechanics, ear training, fret board knowledge, improvisation, alternate approaches of the touch techniques and other challenges that will help to focus your own musical vision.


A special addition to the course will be 4 classes with Bruce Bookman Sensei of the Tenzan Aikido dojo ( He will be giving a basic introduction to aikido practice, especially focused to connect with our work as musicians. Trey has been working with Bookman Sensei for the last eight years.


Cost: $650. If paid in full by August 15, 2014 then the price is discounted to $575.


This is not a residential course, though we will help coordinate participates in order reduce hotel and food costs.


Limited number of spaces. Register now with a deposit of $150.


For contact and registration info send email to: info(at)




About Trey and Markus:


In addition to his ten solo recordings, touch-guitarist Trey Gunn has worked with King Crimson, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Brian Eno, TOOL, Azam Ali, and Puscifer. Based in Seattle, he runs a media label and coaches musicians in the creative process.


Markus Reuter is a professional player, composer, and psychologist who's researched and studied the touch/tapping technique for 20 years. The result of this work is "The Family", a systematic and practical approach to the touch technique. He's worked with centrozoon, TUNER, Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKCt and many others.